BEETS visit Don Fisher Clubhouse

On Thursday, March 17th, the Spring BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) visited the Don Fisher Clubhouse. Located on Fulton Street between Gough and Franklin, the new Don Fisher Clubhouse opened in early 2015. It serve nearly 2,000 youth annually, ages 6-18, with an average daily attendance of 190. The Club features a competition-size swimming pool, learning center, performing arts studio, music studio, high school services center, middle-school center, Design-Thinking studio, and high school size gym; in addition to the organizational headquarters for the Boys and Girls Club of San Francisco (BGCSF). 3.17.16-BEETS-DonFisherClubhouse_1A member of their teen staff gave the BEETS a tour of the facility,and then the BEETS presented an afternoon of cooking highlighting their spring theme of food justice. Ronnie Allen, Keyoncé Mitchell, Gene Chu, and Adrian Valencia worked in the kitchen preparing the marinade for kale chips harvested from the Koshland Garden. 3.17.16-BEETS-DonFisherClubhouse_2Other BEETS, including Alejandro Fernandez, Gonzalo Duque, and Jennifer Nazara worked with Don Fisher teens to prepare delicious fruit kabobs. 3.17.16-BEETS-DonFisherClubhouse_4Toddiana Jasper, Jay Jordon (our CommunityGrows garden educator), helped make black bean burgers. Linda Saenzpardo was at the grill flipping burgers. 3.17.16-BEETS-DonFisherClubhouse_6Everyone said the fruit kabobs were the best in the whole wide world, complete with lemon balm and mint harvested from our gardens! 3.17.16-BEETS-DonFisherClubhouse_8Amazing black bean burgers and kale chips too! 3.17.16-BEETS-DonFisherClubhouse_9The BEETS and the Don Fisher teen staff got to eat this fabulous, nutritious meal which they prepared together.3.17.16-BEETS-DonFisherClubhouse_12