Science Night at Rosa Parks Elementary

On Friday evening, March 20, 2015 the Rosa Parks Elementary School Auditorium was filled with excitement as crowds of parents and friends got to view a wide range of science projects done by the students. 3.20.15-RP-ScienceFair_IMG_0473The evening began with classroom of students working a science challenge in real time with parents watching patiently as the teacher led them through the assignment.
It was also a night to view interesting experiments and research that the student took on, like Can Music Help your Memory? or Do Arm Swings Matter? or observations about how fast plants grow, or what products protect an apple from turning brown? or how to make silly putty or bouncing balls, or what happens when you freeze different types of water.
3.20.15-RP-ScienceFair_IMG_05303.20.15-RP-ScienceFair_IMG_05783.20.15-RP-ScienceFair_IMG_0499One of the exciting tables was the Science Squad from UCSF who brought three body parts for people to view and touch: a heart, a lung and a brain! Youth got to don purple surgical gloves and touch the organs and ask questions.3.20.15-RP-ScienceFair_IMG_0493CommunityGrows was honored to have a table at the event to showcase the two gardens at Rosa Parks. Staff Kelly ErnstFriedman, Director of Programs and Serena Padilla, Garden Educator at Rosa Parks, talked with interested parents and children from the program. Flower, herb and vegetable seeds were available for the taking. It was great to talk with the parents about the science curriculum we use in our garden classes and let them know more about CommunityGrows.3.20.15-RP-ScienceFair_IMG_05503.20.15-RP-ScienceFair_IMG_0588
3.20.15-RP-ScienceFair_IMG_05673.20.15-RP-ScienceFair_IMG_0608For more photos see our Flickr Photostream here.