Cooking at Plaza East in February

Plaza East cooking on Thursday nights has been going well, especially with the addition of our new Seed-to-Mouth Cooking Manager Crystal Jones, and our two CommunityGrows volunteers, Jean Wang and Alana Herro. 2.18.16-Plaza East Cooking_1The small (under 20 individuals) crowd is growing with youth and their families joining the mix. One dad actually came by himself to observe. He has two daughters (7 & 11), heard about the cooking class and wanted to check it out before sending his girls over the next week–which he did. 2.18.16-Plaza East Cooking_2In one of the classes, Crystal set up work stations and divided the class into two groups. One group made mango-banana “frozen yogurt” and the other group made whole wheat pita tostadas. Harvested lettuce & green onions were used in our tostada recipe. 2.18.16-Plaza East Cooking_3Both recipes went over well – even with a technical difficulty of having the food processor break and having to make the frozen yogurt by hand! 2.18.16-Plaza East Cooking_4IMG_0511
In other classes at Plaza East this month we made omelets, taco salads, a bountiful grain bowl, and muffins at the end of the class as a reward. See photos here.