Exploring Food Justice with the BEETS

3.24.15-BEETS-FoodJustice_IMG_0621On March 24th and April 7, 2015 the BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) offered up presentations on Food Justice. Working in teams of two, the teens researched and prepared presentations on themes such as farming and agriculture, nutrition and health issues related to access to healthy foods, labor and pesticides, food corporations, and different solutions to approaching food justice.
On March 24th, Clarisse Peterson and Tomicia Blunt talked about nutrition and health issues related to access to healthy foods. They mentioned diabetes rates and heart disease in low-income communities,and how student performance in school is related to healthy access to food. They showed a clip from a movie about fast food describing what is in it, and how fast food is prepared and mass produced. 3.24.15-BEETS-FoodJustice_IMG_0614Elilita Geletu and Eric Huang talked about GMO labeling and banning, and pesticide use in farming and agriculture. They talked about small scale vs factory farming and organic vs non-organic fruits and vegetables.3.24.15-BEETS-FoodJustice_IMG_0640

3.24.15-BEETS-FoodJustice_IMG_0638On April 7, at the Rosa Parks Upper Garden Quincy Brooks, Cesar Martinez, Vicente Rivera, Alonza Blunt and Anthony Hernandez talked about labor practices, United Farm Worker activists, Fair Food Programs and justice for food service workers. They also talked about the history of the food industrialization, corporate marketing, and the food processing corporations in the US, including Cargill and Tyson foods, General Mills and Coca Cola.4.7.15-BEETS-FoodJustice_IMG_07804.7.15-BEETS-FoodJustice_IMG_0790On a whiteboard near one of their presentations was a quote from Pearl Bailey that said, “Hungry people cannot be good at learning or producing anything except perhaps violence.”