First 2013 Summer Trip to Green Gulch Farm

7.2.13-GGF-Summer_CROPPED_IMG_269On Tuesday, July 2, 2013 CommunityGrows hosted their first summer field trip to Green Gulch Farm. Along for the ride were the Western Addition Beacon and Hayes Valley Apartment youth, as well as the BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens). Most of these youth had never been to Green Gulch Farm, and it was great for them to get out of the neighborhood and into the country. Sukey Parmelee, Green Gulch Farms Garden Outreach Coordinator led the group on a tour through various gardens and growing fields.
7.2.13-GGF-Summer__IMG_255They got to visit the green house where many of CommunityGrows starts (young seedlings) come from, and taste various plants and flowers. They checked out the bee hives and walked through the fields to the ocean at Muir Beach. Along the way they came upon some horses and stopped to pet them. One of our enthusiastic BEETS, Barbara Nguyen was brave enough to braid the horse’s mane.
7.2.13-GGF_IMG_287The great day ended with a visit to Muir Beach. There’s just something about an ocean beach and kids! What fun!