Greenhouse Coming at Rosa Parks Elementary School

2.12.15-RP-KSawyerMtg_IMG_9961Thanks to a grant from the PUC-Urban Watershed Stewardship Program and the Community Challenge Grant Program, Rosa Park Elementary School will be getting a greenhouse! The process of removing an unsafe structure and replacing it with a beautiful greenhouse will begin in April. This grant to CommunityGrows allows us to work with school stakeholders and the community to enhance the growing capabilities and save rainwater to our thirsty teaching garden. On February 12, 2015, CommunityGrows staff and Rosa Parks Green Team member Barb Fujimoto met with Kat Sawyer, our contract person to talk about the project and next steps. 
2.12.15-RP-KSawyerMtg_IMG_9970Rosa Parks Upper Garden is a 400 square foot planted area that is currently watered with municipal water. The goal of this project will be to build a greenhouse and create a rainwater catchment system utilizing the new greenhouse roof and the existing chicken coop. The installation of a rainwater harvesting system will offset the garden’s irrigation requirements, help water and sustain our 3 egg-producing chickens, support our 7500 square feet of green gardens, and engage the school community in tangible water conservation activities. The greenhouse will help us grow vegetables, which will be eaten during monthly school Salad Days, and starts, which will be sold to raise funds for garden education classes.2.12.15-RP-KSawyerMtg_IMG_99682.12.15-RP-KSawyerMtg_IMG_99652.12.15-RP-KSawyerMtg_IMG_9978