Greenhouse Deconstruction and Workday at Rosa Parks!

5.16.15-RP-Wkday-Greenhouse_IMG_1103On Saturday, May 16, 2015 over 50 volunteers came together to disassemble an old greenhouse at Rosa Parks Elementary School, to make way for a new one later this year. We are excited to be building a new structure in compliance with the San Francisco Unified School District, thanks to a Community Challenge Grant for Urban Watershed Catchment with the SF PUC. 5.16.15-RP-Wkday-Greenhouse_IMG_11225.16.15-RP-Wkday-Greenhouse_IMG_11565.16.15-RP-Wkday-Greenhouse_IMG_1174Kat Sawyer, our Project Site Coordinator and District Rainwater Harvesting Coordinator
at Education Outside led the deconstruction with Serena Padilla, CommunityGrows Garden Educator. Elizabeth Dougherty, Director of Wholly H2O came with her crew to help deconstruct the greenhouse and carry it away to Groveland, CA where it will be rebuilt with a composting toilet inside! A few Rosa Parks parents were very helpful in climbing up ladders and unscrew parts. The complicated project took time to break down and everyone did a great job! We also had families and friends work in the Lower and Upper Gardens,trimming down asparagus, dead kale, and weeding throughout all beds. We harvested kale, collard greens, and artichokes, uprooted cauliflower, weeded strawberries, and added compost soil to beds for the summer. Many of our CommunityGrows Advisory Board members and their friends came out to help. The Rosa Parks Green Team volunteers included many families and kids, and they donated a delicious spread of homemade muffins and munchies to get us through the morning.
It was a great day of working together, having fun, getting fresh air, and accomplish so much! Thank you everyone! For more photos from the day, see our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream here.5.16.15-RP-Wkday-Greenhouse_IMG_1219