Harvest Festival

Today was a blast! Despite the cold and gray weather, tons of volunteers came out to help us plant over 500 flower bulbs that will bloom and bring color to the park this spring! Thank you to Helping Hands, the French International School, community gardeners, neighbors, and John Muir Elementary School students for all their hard work!

The weeding, planting and beautifying of the park went from 10-1pm, and afterwards everyone went inside the community center at Hayes Valley South to get warm and celebrate with yummy veggie burgers, tofu dogs, and potluck salad. Ami, Amar, and a bunch of John Muir kids bravely kept the BBQ going in the rain, and brought us lots of warm food. Even in they were having loads of fun helping out, and ended up with their pictures in the local newspaper!

Indoors we listened to the sweet tunes of Michael Musika and Ledbetter, and the kids played their own CD’s and had a huge sing-along with choreographed dances. It was awesome. Then we broke into some really messy and fun pumpkin painting, and made all sorts of crafts from collages, bookbinding, finger knitting- anything we could make from the paper and glitter that Ruby generously brought to share.

In the end, the kids didn’t want to leave- they asked us to have this everyday! So we will get busy, and be sure to have lots of events to keep us all warm and laughing through winter. We look forward to Wreath Making, coming up soon! Z