Hayward Rec Carnival with the BEETS

7.10.15-BEETS-HaywardCarnival_IMG_20150710_143724288On Friday July 10, 2015 the BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) took their water conservation summer theme to the Hayward Rec Carnival in San Francisco. Thanks to a grant from the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission, the BEET have been studying water conservation, especially in the Bay Area where there is a drought. The BEET created a few displays to test the younger youth participants about different bits of knowledge on water conservation. One poster allowed people to write up different ideas of how to save water. 7.10.15-BEETS-HaywardCarnival_IMG_2275Another poster was a jeopardy board where youth were asked questions and answers were revealed. 7.10.15-BEETS-HaywardCarnival_IMG_2235Succulent plants were also available for the taking. 7.10.15-BEETS-HaywardCarnival_IMG_2258Many officers from the Police Academy joined the BEETS and met Adrian Castano-Romero and Ivan Galdamez who are interested in a career in law enforcement. 7.10.15-BEETS-HaywardCarnival_IMG_2271When the participants passed the challenges, they received a delicious piece of watermelon. Here are three of our fabulous staff members, Melissa Tang, Adrian Almquist and Serena Padilla.7.10.15-BEETS-HaywardCarnival_IMG_2233For more photos, see our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream here.