Health Faire at Ella Hill Hutch

8.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_3037CommunityGrows joined over fifty partners on Saturday, August 8, 2015 to promote health in the Western Addition community. It was a day when families and youth could learn about services available to them—from CPR demonstrations, blood pressure checks, dental assessments, support programs for school placement, counseling, and other important information about transportation, community events and services. 8.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_30418.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_3108CommunityGrows shared a row of tables with the Garden Project [that works out of the San Francisco jail], as well as Rainbow Grocery which passed out a ton of produce and healthy food, and 18 Reasons-Cooking Matters. After families and youth went through many stations and filled up their cards with stamps from each table, they were able to pick out backpacks and supplies for the upcoming school year.8.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_3090
Jay Jordan, our new Garden Educator, passed out seed packets, talked about CommunityGrows programs, and signed up teens for our BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) program.8.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_3104
AfroSolo hosted this Health Fair in collaboration with the African American Art and Culture Complex, MoMagic, Kaiser Permanente, and St. Mary’s Hospital. It was upbeat and fun, and also included music, food, games, and prizes. Another great event this month to showcase the great work we are all doing in the Western Addition community. 8.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_30178.8.15-EHH-HealthFaire_IMG_3065For more photos, see our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream here.