Koshland Garden March Newsletter!

A Project of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood PARKS Group

MARCH 2008 Newsletter

1. Community Clean Team Workday, March 8th
2. NEW! Regular Wednesday Workdays!
3. BEET Rangers Update
4. Garden Update: New Herb Garden Coming Soon!
5. Spring Garden Tips!


Time: Saturday, March 8th 9AM-12PM
Place: Koshland Park, at the corner of Page and Buchanan

Come help out at Koshland Garden and Park on Saturday, March 8th!
We will be mulching, weeding, snacking, harvesting and more!
This event is part of Community Clean Team, and we will be joined in
the garden by Street Parks Youth, a project of SF Parks Trust working
to connect San Francisco Youth with the environment. Come out and meet
the folks involved in these great programs, and enjoy some time
helping out the garden! We will cancel if it rains, so let’s hope for
blue skies!

The Community Clean Team is a citywide volunteer program that partners
city agencies with residents, merchants and students to clean and
beautify San Francisco neighborhoods. – Department of Public Works

For more info: gardenkids@gmail.com, (415) 643-3638

Time: Every Wednesday 2PM-5PM
Place: Koshland Garden, at the corner of Page and Buchanan

Wednesday afternoons are now the official time to come out and get
involved in Koshland Garden! We will be there every Wednesday
afternoon from 2-5pm, running activities and available to answer your
garden questions! Come get your hands in the dirt, and join us
anytime for fun with planting, cultivating, and harvesting of veggies
in Koshland Garden.

For more info, contact Community Garden Coordinator:
Nora Brereton (415) 424-5770 noraborealis@juno.com


The BEET Ranger program is a green job training internship we are
offering to Western Addition teens. The youth will be paid a stipend
to get training in Park Maintenance, Recycling, Composting, Nutrition,
Organic Gardening and more. They will participate in park clean-ups,
help out with our Lettuce Grow summer camp, and lead a community event
to share the knowledge they gain with their peers. In turn, we will be
helping them find job opportunities in the growing field of green
jobs, to help make environmentalism more than just a cause, but a
potential way of life that can support them financially.

At this point we have received applications, and begun
interviewing potential youth. The program starts next
month, and we are very excited!

For more info, contact BEET Ranger Program Coordinator:
Elokin gardenkids@gmail.com, (415) 643-3638

4. GARDEN UPDATE! herb garden coming soon

Current garden volunteer and future community gardener (join our waitlist if
you want a plot with us!) Arif Husain is planning a renovation of
the herb garden at Koshland. Arif works with the San Francisco
Botanical Medicine Clinic (www.sfbmc.org) , selling home-made tea blends at the
Berkeley Farmer’s Market on Saturdays- they are delicious! He is putting his
skills as an herbalist-in-training and plant fanatic to work in shaping the new
herb garden, which will begin to sprout up this spring!

In other garden news, the plum tree is blooming, be sure to stop by
and check it out, blossom season is a wonderful time! The red-tailed
hawks have returned after the rainy spell, and there are lots of crows
and hummingbirds zooming about in the afternoon. We’ve got flowers on
the fava beans and strawberries — a great sign that soon we will have
lots of yummy garden treats!

To get on the waiting list for a garden plot, contact Community Garden
Coordinator: Nora Brereton (415) 424-5770 noraborealis@juno.com


It’s time to focus on weeds! The rain has been wonderful for the
garden, and has also been wonderful for the weeds. If you haven’t
already, start pulling out weeds to make room for new spring gardens,
and choose from the many following options of what to plant:

March is your last chance to plant:
Artichoke (rootstock), Asparagus, Chayote, Fava beans, Mustard, Onion(sets)

Start planting these delicious veggies now:
Beets, Broccoli (starts), Cabbage (starts), Carrots, Celery, Chives, Collards,
Leeks, Lettuce, Peas, Potatoes, Radish, Spinach, Sunchokes

Would you like to make a donations to Koshland Garden to support all
of our great programs? You can send a check (tax-detuctible) (TAX ID #:
94-3213100) to:
c/o Barbara Wenger, Director
300 Page St.
San Francisco, CA 94102-5649
Checks can be made out to the HVNPG/TIDES

Nora Brereton, Garden Educator and Community Garden Coordinator
noraborealis@juno.com (415) 424-5770
Elokin Orton, Garden Educator and BEET Ranger Coordinator
gardenkids@gmail.com, (415) 643-3638
Barbara Wenger, Executive Director, Hayes Valley Neighborhood PARKS Group
hvnparks@hotmail.com, (415) 431-8112
General Email: gardenkids@gmail.com
Blog: www.koshlandgarden.blopspot.com

Koshland Garden is a Project of the Hayes Valley Neighborhood PARKS Group-
Creating Programs that enhance the resiliance, safety, and
sustainability of the community
http://www.hvnparks.com, (re-launching in April)

Koshland Park and Garden
Corner of Page and Buchanan, San Francisco, CA 94102

Our Office:
John Muir Elementary School, Rm 6
380 Webster St.
San Francisco, California 94117

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