Last Day in the Garden! (for now)

Today we did a trivia review game to look back at everything we learned, and each youth had great things to share based on the knowledge they gained. Time has been well spent in the garden! 

This summer we will be embarking on longer trips with workshops in different areas of green jobs, so we will be taking a break from our regular days spent in the garden until fall. Look at all the sad faces! Just kidding. Everyone is looking forward to the start of summer, we will be having lot of adventures very soon. 
The BEETs are off to a great start, we look forward to harvesting all of their hard work come fall, when the corn, beans, and squash they planted will be ready. In the meantime, the BEETs are welcome to harvest the crop they planted as it becomes ready, including the chard, lettuce, kale and beets!