March Workparty!

One Brick and SF Rec and Park made a great impact on our park and garden today. We were able to finally weed and mulch the tree wells on the South end of Page Street, which looks incredible now. For a while it was looking pretty desolate down there!

There was a lot of great enthusiasm which allowed us to really get down to business and pull out the bulk of winter weeds that the rain had brought, and spread most of our endless mulch pile of woodchips in their place. A thick blanket of those woodships should keep the weeds at bay until maybe even next winter?! One can hope…

During the day our hardworking volunteers were filmed and photographed by the Chrissy Field Center media team, who is collecting footage for an installation featuring us! We have won the title of Chrissy Field Heroes for 2008, and soon everyone will be able to see Koshland Garden and Hayes Valley Neighborhood Parks Group on display at the Chrissy Field Center!

Thank you to One Brick volunteers, SF Rec and Parks, John Muir Elementary youth, Everett Middle Schooler Karen Tran, and French International High School students for coming out to support with hard work and smiles!