CommunityGrows Earth Day Scavenger Hunt!

Happy Earth Day everyone! Today, we want to take time to observe and appreciate the Earth and the nature that is all around us! This includes our yards and neighborhoods!

The Challenge

CommunityGrows invites you to participate in our Scavenger Hunt challenge! While you are outside or on a walk today, see if you can find:

– a flower for every color in the rainbow
– a leaf or flower that is bigger than your face
– something fuzzy
– a tree that looks young
– a tree that looks old
– a bug that flies
– a bug that crawls
– a flower with a long stem
– a plant that has a strong smell

Message and tell us what you observed! If you’d like to be featured on our social media, send us a picture or story about your best find (or tag us in your photo!) Good luck everyone!!

Outdoor Mindfulness Exercises for Earth Day (additional activity): Before you head back inside, here’s a short meditation exercise that engages the 5 senses.  shared by Edutopia