Summer Fun Harvesting Potatoes!

by Adrian Almquist, CommunityGrows Garden Programs Manager
Harvesting potatos at GGF -July 29-600pixels
Photo by Donn DeAngelo
On Tuesday, July 29, 2014, CommunityGrows took youth from the African American Arts and Culture Complex, the Village Project, and Prince Hall Learning Center out to Green Gulch Farm in Marin. We parked at Muir Beach and walked a mile or so up the valley, to the farm where we were given a tour of the meditation hall, and told about a day in the life at Green Gulch. We sat quietly for a few minutes and listened to the sound of a large bell as it rang. We then toured the gardens and fields, where we harvested potatoes. The youth dug a massive harvest, taking turns with the pitchfork while laughing and finding worms. We saw many hawks, crows, and bees, as well as two baby deer on our hike back to the bus. Overall it was a great trip out of the city and out to the farm. 7.29.14-GGF-Potatoes-AA