Summer Fun with the Western Addition Beacon

6.26.17-KP-WABeacon_IMG_0755On Monday, June 26th the Western Addition Beacon Center youth came to Koshland Park for their fun time in the garden. Adrian Almquist, Garden Programs Manager led the class through the cycle of life—from seeds, to plants, to fruits and vegetables. 6.26.17-KP-WABeacon_IMG_07646.26.17-KP-WABeacon_IMG_0785They got to plant fava beans and starts of kale and then watered the garden. 6.26.17-KP-WABeacon_IMG_08016.26.17-KP-WABeacon_IMG_08146.26.17-KP-WABeacon_IMG_0816One of the highlights was looking at snails which Adrian passed around for the group to see. For more photos from the classes visit our Flickr Photostream here.