Summer Trip to Green Gulch Farm

On Thursday, August 4,2011 the BEETS (band of environmentally educated and employable teens) joined the youth from Booker T. Washington Community Service Center for a trip to Green Gulch Farm in Marin County. As the day progressed, fog turned into sunshine as youth wandered through the farm soaking up the fresh air and great outdoors. Yuki, a garden educator with the farm, let the BEETS through the fields, to the beehives, past the compost piles, and shared her knowledge of the farm and good agricultural practices. In this photo Juki is explaining the different types of soil that are good for different types of vegetation.BEETS Lyric Lewis, Quincy Smith, Genesis Valentine and Anija Gaino, trying sorrel and honey sandwiches.

After lunch in the circle garden, youth and their leaders walked down through the fields to Muir Beach for fun in the water. A great ending to a wonderful field trip out of the City! For more photos, check out the CommunityGrows Flickr photostream.