We are Chrissy Field Heroes!

Our own Barbara Wenger of Hayes Valley Neighborhood Parks Group has won!
2008 Crissy Field Center Community Heroes Award

The Crissy Field Center, an urban environmental center, announces The Community Heroes Award. This award honors the accomplishments, challenges and successes of community members who work tirelessly to preserve, protect, and raise awareness about our environment.

The Center’s Community Advisors select Community Heroes from your nominations. Heroes who are selected are honored with a ceremony at Crissy Field Center on Saturday, May 10, 2008, where we unveil a year-long exhibit depicting each of the honorees in life-size photographic portraits and companion digital stories that share their unique experience making positive environmental change in their communities.

This is an opportunity for unsung heroes and community leaders to share the limelight and receive well-deserved recognition for their valuable contributions and positive impact regarding the environment.

What is a Community Hero?

Community Heroes are people from all over the Bay Area and from all walks of life. They come from all races, ethnic backgrounds and age groups, working in common to protect, restore, and raise awareness for the environmental issues that are relevant to their communities. Many are engaged in grass-roots activism, others work on legislation, and several are educators. Many call themselves volunteers, while others have built careers working in the environmental movement.

Whatever their approach, methodology, or position, they all fit one very important criterion: their work has made a positive impact on the community and has inspired others to get involved and make a difference.