Winter Carnival at the African American Arts & Culture Complex

12.12.15-AAACC-Winterland_IMG_5164On Saturday, December 12, 2015, the African American Arts & Culture Complex held it’s 15th Winter Carnival. 12.12.15-AAACC-Winterland_IMG_5150While Santa met youth inside the Complex with toy giveaways, and food, carnival and fun games prevailed in the parking lot. There were performances by Project Level, Village Dancers, Talent Allstars, PUSH Dance Company, Larkin Bukido Karate, Capoeira Angola,the UMCA Hayward Reconnect and others. 12.12.15-AAACC-Winterland_IMG_5095Some of the most fun was outside with the pony rides, checking out the animal farm, riding the saucers, flying the twirly-whirl, doing the arcade, and playing in the snow. 12.12.15-AAACC-Winterland_IMG_509612.12.15-AAACC-Winterland_IMG_508112.12.15-AAACC-Winterland_IMG_507212.12.15-AAACC-Winterland_IMG_509212.12.15-AAACC-Winterland_IMG_5108Great time was had by all. For more photos from the day, check out our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream.