Buchanan Mall Activation!

7.8.15-BuchananMall-Exploratorium_IMG_1763We are honored to be included as partners with neighborhood residents, Green Streets and the Exploratorium to reactivate Buchanan Mall. This narrow park is 6 blocks long on Buchanan Street in the Western Addition, between Grove and Eddy. Map of Buchanan MallRight now many housing development butt up against it, as well as the Rosa Parks Senior Center, the Ella Hill Hutch Community Center and the African American Arts and Culture Complex. It currently features playground equipment & is lined with benches, mostly not used and uninviting to residents. It has felt unsafe for over a decade, and thanks to a grant from the City, people are coming together to redesign the space as a greenway that everyone can enjoy. Here are some photos from our visit to the Exploratorium to look at the prototype of some of the ideas everyone came up with.7.8.15-BuchananMall-Exploratorium_IMG_17717.8.15-BuchananMall-Exploratorium_IMG_17917.8.15-BuchananMall-Exploratorium_IMG_1775More community meetings to plan and design are schedule. Stay tuned!