Composting and Cleaning Supplies

On Friday, June 28, 2013 the Buchanan YMCA youth got a lesson in composting and a reward afterwards of great smelling cleaners and hand soaps from Mrs. Meyer’s. Megan Sweeney, marketing ambassador for Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Products, worked with the youth to sift our “use-me” compost. Nora Brereton, Director of Programs at CommunityGrows talked about what makes up compost (table scraps, weeds, and plant refuse) which are put in the “feed-me” bin.
When this matter begins to break down, it is transported to the second bin (“Sleeping”) were it continues to decompose thanks to the industrious work of worms who “poop” out the soil. Finally it is transferred to the “use-me” bin which is the final stage of its transformation. This compost was scooped onto frames of mesh which the students sifted through, gently removing the worms and placing them into the rich compost.
6.28.13-RosaParks-Mrs.Meyers-Compost_IMG_1001After watering the lower garden with BEETS intern Sydni Walker, and filling two wheelbarrows of fresh compost, it was off to the Upper Garden where youth spread the rich soil onto a recently dug garden bed. After laying the irrigation, youth gently made a line and planted carrots and beets down the row. Perhaps by the end of summer there will be sprouts and food to take home.

For more photos check out our CommunityGrows Flickr Photostream here.