Gardeners for Peace!

Please speak out on Wednesday, March 19th- the 5 year marker of the U. S. Invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan

No More War! Let’s plant the Seeds of Peace together!

Today in the garden we talked about how each of us can bring Peace to the world. Our personal choices and actions make a difference, and when we choose to work together and care for each other, we can make enormous change in the world.

Students from Ms. Hale’s class at John Muir Elementary share what they will do to create Peace:

Be respectful, show love to your family and enemies.
– Rakeya Raspberry

I will always recycle and use less water.
– Francisco Firefly

I will try to grow plants!
– Bernard Blueberry

Not to be in violence or not to be in any trouble.
– Tariq Tulip

Email the president and tell him to stop the war if it was possible.
– Kristina Kiwi

Try to stop fighting.
– Dashiahnae Dandelion

I will start doing good things. I will change.
– Demerious Dragonfly