Week of 3/9/08

This was a great week- we even got a bit of rain to celebrate!

On Sunday, Arif and Lindsay came by, and together we all worked on laying the foundation for the new cob herb bed. We are planning on getting a cob workday open to everyone once we work out the details of how to cob in Koshland Garden. For those of you new to it, cob is a natural building technique using sand, clay, and straw to make structures. It is a free-form material similar to adobe. It’s a lot of fun, and can be a super mess, so we still need to figure out the best way to do it without taking up too much space in the garden. It is gonna be a blast though, and we will keep you posted!

During the week, John Muir students planted some flowers for spring- these included Nasturtiums, Blue Cornflower, California Poppy, Cosmos, and marigold. We talked about how flowers are important for attracting pollinators to the garden, and the students explained how that process works. They are very excited about bees, and we hope to start a hive this summer.

In other news, folks from the Chrissy Field Center came to photograph us because we won a Community Heroes award, and we will have information about Koshland up in their exhibit at the Chrissy Field Center! It’s all very exciting. We will keep you posted about the upcoming celebration!

We hope to see you out in the garden at one of our workdays- Wednesday afternoons from 2-5pm. We will be around to answer your garden questions, and if you stick around to help out you can take home some veggies from the garden! Please be in touch if you have any questions, enjoy the weekend!