Pie and Ice Cream for Lisa

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie and Vanilla ice cream. Apricot Danish rings. Peach-Blueberry pie. Salted caramel and balsamic strawberry ice cream. What a way to send off someone we adore. Lisa Drogin said “good-bye” to CommunityGrows and the BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) program on Thursday, June 11, 2013. Lisa has been the Program Manager for the past two years, developing the teen green-jobs training program, providing case management, helping youth work on personal, educational and employment goals, hooking them up with jobs, and being a friend and mentor to many. It will be hard to fill her shoes.

Many graduated and current BEETS came to wish Lisa well. In fact, Lisa was nominated by one teen to receive the 2013 Phat Friends Award, presented annually by All Stars youth to their community heroes-adults who demonstrate their support for youth and their concerns. Lisa will receive the award Thursday, June 20, 2013.

In the interim the BEETS Program continues under the leadership of Nora Brereton, Director of Programs, until a suitable replacement can be found.