Prince Hall to Green Gulch Farm

On Friday July 26, 2010 CommunityGrows organized a second summer field trip to Green Gulch Farm, thanks to our partnership with Mo’Magic and Prince Hall Learning Center on Fillmore Street.  About forty youth from six to eighteen years of age, boarded a bus and headed out to a foggy summer day at the farm.  We were met by Suki Parmalee, garden outreach program manager, received name tags, broke into three teams and took off on various adventures throughout the farm.  Each group got to do a well-rounded tour of the gardens, the bee hives, the compost piles and a walk through the fields.

With great preparation workshops lead by the Green Gulch garden team, the youth enjoyed learning about the bees, got to peek into their hives, and even taste their honey.  They also got a lesson in compost building, and had a blast looking for bugs and wiggly worms.  They were amazed at how much food was grown on the farm as they walked through rows and rows of vegetables, trying out many different kinds.

Everyone brought their lunches and we sat in the garden and shared our stories of the morning.  After lunch we boarded the bus and drove on down to Muir Beach.  It was a cold and overcast day, but that didn’t stop the excitment of the kids, who ran in and out of the water, collected stones and shells, gathered seaweed, and flew kites.  Great to be out doors in a wide open space to run and play.  Thank you Green Gulch for a wonderful day!