Professional Development for Raphael Weill Pre-Kindergarten Teachers

3.1.14-RW-PD_IMG_5696On an overcast Saturday March 1, 2014, CommunityGrows offered their first Professional Development to the pre-kindergarten teachers of Raphael Weill School. This school is right next door to the Rosa Parks Elementary School garden, and the teachers had been wanting to bring their students to learn about environmental education. Nora Brereton lead the training and it turned out to be so much fun!
The teachers were a little nervous at first with not much gardening experience. Nora set their minds at ease, and made learning so much fun. All the teachers were given a detailed manual which described many different activities and a curricula that could be done with their students. They learned about the garden rules, composting, prepping a garden bed, planting, mulching, weeding, watering and being with the chickens.
The teachers broke up into teams and studied the lesson plans provided. Then they gave a lesson to the group. It was a wonderful fun day, very relaxing and encouraging. All the teachers went away with excitement and enthusiasm to get their kids in the garden.