Rad Radishes with Ezekiel

7.19.13-RosaParks_YMCA_IMG_1429On Friday, July 19,2013 Ezekiel McCarter, our Rosa Parks Assistant Gardener, led the YMCA Buchanan kids in a lesson on preparing soil and planting radishes. Attendance is always a great way to start the day. Everyone has a garden name, using their first name and a garden animal or plant that begins with the first letter of their name. Great names are born, like Jamel Jalapeno, or Sophia Sunflower, Latrice Ladybug, or Denelle Dragonfly. It’s always fun to listen as everyone gets acknowledged.
Then down to serious business of troweling the bed to prepare it for new compost, sifting through the final compost to load soil into wheelbarrows, and then mixing the compost into the soil for the final planting of the radish seeds. The kids like radishes because they sprout from seeds very fast. We’ll have radishes to eat in 3-4 weeks!
Finding a few bugs in the mix is always exciting. As a reward for good work for the morning, everyone got to pick strawberries and eat them. Yumm! Thank you Ezekiel for a great lesson.