Spring 2016 BEETS Begins!

2.2.16-BEETS-Orientation_IMG_5545On Tuesday, February 2, 2016 our Spring BEETS (Band of Environmentally Educated and Employable Teens) began their training at John Muir Elementary School and the Koshland Park Community Learning Garden. In the group were four “returners”: Mia Manalo, Jennifer Nazara, Charome Thomas and Adrian Valencia. Joining them are Ronnie Allen, Gene Chu, Gonzalo Duque, Alejandro Fernandez, Toddiana Jasper, Talia Matau, Keyonce Mitchell, Linda Saenzpardo and Barry Tan. BEETS-Spring-2016-SFWAfter an opening circle and welcome introduction at the John Muir CommunityGrows’s office, and a tour of the school the group walked a block away to Koshland Garden. 2.2.16-BEETS-Orientation_IMG_5533After an icebreaker game to remember names, Barbara Wenger, Director, talked about the history of Koshland Park and the programs at CommunityGrows. She also brought delicious cupcakes for everyone in honor of Adrian Almquist’s birthday. Adrian is the caretaker of Koshland Park’s Learning Garden, and he is also our CommunityGrows Garden Programs Manager for all our garden sites. At the end of the day returning BEETS lead others on a tour of the garden.2.2.16-BEETS-Orientation_IMG_55412.2.16-BEETS-Orientation_IMG_5542