Third Professional Development a Great Success!

4.19.14-PD-RP_IMG_6142On Saturday, April 19, 2014 CommunityGrows Director of Programs, Nora Brereton led the third professional development day for pre-kindergarten teachers at the Rosa Parks Elementary School upper garden. Teachers from Noriega Child Development Center, Commodore Stockton Child Development Center and Raphael Weill Child Development Center attended.
Everyone introduced themselves with their garden names, such as Barbara Butterfly or Camilla Carrot, their school and their goals for the day. Some of the goals were to follow-up from the last workshop, involve children in garden hands-on activities, have fun, continue learning, create lesson plans and do gardening. Then groups divided up to create lesson plans with templates provided by Nora. New books were also available for teachers to use for inspiration. When the lesson plans were completed everyone share them with each other. Here is one plan about spiders that was particularly interesting.

The end of the day brought a check-out and surveys for evaluation. Everyone got to take gloves, plant starts, seeds and new garden story books home to their classes. A great success! Thank you Nora!4.19.14-PD-RP_IMG_6157