World Food Day Celebrated at Rosa Parks

10.16.13-RP-SaladDay_IMG_2736Today, October 16, 2013 is World Food Day and Rosa Parks Elementary School with the help of CommunityGrows Garden Educator, Ezekiel McCarter, join the global movement to end hunger by holding a salad day. Early in the morning a class gleaned the upper garden for kale, chard and fava beans. 10.16.13-RP-SaladDay_IMG_2706

10.16.13-RP-SaladDay_IMG_2702Then to the kitchen where parent volunteers washed the vegetables and added lettuce, carrots, cabbage, onions and apples, much of this produce donated by Whole Foods Company, to make trays and trays of salads. The green team of Rosa Parks, that helps raise funding for CommunityGrows to teach at the school, also has a special salad dressing that everyone loves with lots of apples in the mix.10.16.13-RP-SaladDay_IMG_2719

Then the students began arriving and were offered salad which they gladly heaped onto their plates with lasagna and other healthy foods. It was a joy to see the kids ask for seconds and clean their plates. Also impressive was the way each child came to the recycling area and took their time to dispose of their different containers. Very impressive for K-5 students.