Summer Science with the Buchanan YMCA


On Monday, June 10th, the staff of CommunityGrows began their summer science program with Buchanan YMCA youth at Rosa Parks Elementary School. Although it was 10 AM in the morning, everyone was wide awake, relaxed and ready to have some summer fun! After taking attendance and reading the garden rules, the kids had a chance to do some digging in the planter beds that had just been gleaned of fava beans. Digging must be one of the most fun things to do. You never know what you’ll discover. Fearlessly, the youth plucked out worms, sow bugs and snails. Then they got to plant sunflower seeds. When the work was done, everyone put much attention into cleaning their trowels, a most serious endeavor as shown below. As a reward, everyone got to check out how many eggs were laid by 49er, Louisa and Luigi, the resident chickens.